Online registration is now closed! You can register at the Info desk at the boogie.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Do you accept credit card payments?

    At the dropzone it is possible to pay in cash and with credit/debit card. For advance payments via bank transfer use this information:
    MTÜ Eesti Langevarjuklubi (Skydive Estonia)
    Address Türi 10C, 11313 Tallinn, Estonia
    Bank account: Swedbank
    IBAN: EE422200221011632699

  • What are the first things i have to do after arriving at the dropzone?

    Step one: go to the info desk. Say your name and you will be handed a waiver. Fill it in and sign all the confirmations.

    Step two: take your rig(s) and their documentation to the gear check counter, where you will hopefully get an “approved” or “approved except for freefly” tag on the reserve handle.

    Step three: Get a safety briefing

    Step four: go back to the information desk with your ID, logbook (if you’re a low-timer, then your chief instructor’s permit as well), signed applications and cash or credit card. Unless you paid your registration fee in advance, you have to do it now. And you’ll need jump tickets as well.

  • Do you sell food and beverages at the dropzone and camp?

    Yes, there is a well equipped café at the dropzone and a tavern at the camp where you can enjoy food and drinks whenever you like.

  • Do you have packers?

    Yes, a packing ticket costs 5 euros and can be bought at the info desk. You need to leave the ticket in a visible place on your rig when you hand it in for packing. Please note and understand that canopies for coaches and tandems are always first in line.

  • Do you have internet at the dropzone and camp?

    Yes, but the WIFI is mainly meant for staff. You can use it only for the very important things! If you start uploading high resolution files at DZ we might have to cut off the internet availability, because it might disturb manifest and info.

  • Flying rules

    Jumpers have to meet or exceed the FAI requirements for a B-category certificate of proficiency. Reserves must be packed no more than 12 months prior to the last day of the boogie. All rigs will be inspected by our riggers and will be tagged if compatible. Make sure to bring your log-book, certificate of proficiency or license (FAI, USPA or national), as well as reserve repack and Cypres (if you have one) check documents. If you want to freefly make sure to have BOC (not ROL or similar), no loose pouches either please.

    No jumping while under influence of alcohol or drugs! In case of any doubts, both the manifest and ground masters may request you to use a breathalyser; if you refuse the test, they will not allow you to board the plane. Minimum pack opening altitude is 600 m AGL. Do not fly across the runway below 300 m AGL. Always fly left-hand landing patterns unless explicitly instructed otherwise by the ground masters or load master before boarding the plane.

    Default exit order: Large flatfly groups, small flatfly groups, large freefly groups, small freefly groups, tandems, AFF, canopy formations. Exceptions as told by the ground masters.

  • Where will i sleep in case parasummer camp accommodation is sold out?

    There are plenty of hotels and guest houses in Kuressaare. If you’d like our assistance in finding accommodation, e-mail us at and we’ll try to help you out as best we can.

  • How do I get to Kuressaare?

    Read under Directions