We offer coaching and load organizing in formation skydiving, freefly, canopy formation and wingsuit.
Load organizing is FREE for groups of 4 or more skydivers!

Marco Arrigo (FS)

This friendly Italian guy made his first jump in 1992 and has concentrated on Formation Skydiving. He will organize different FS loads and teach you to be a better belly flyer.

Heidi Lindewall (FF)

Heidi’s mission in life is teaching humans to fly, with special interest in freeflying and dynamic flying, and she is happy to do so both in the skies and in windtunnels all over Europe and beyond.

Matti Miilumäki (FF)

He is a skydiver, tunnel flyer, dancer and acrobat – skydiving since 2005 and coaching in tunnels since 2012. He is also the 2017 Finnish champion at indoor freestyle.

Pasi Pirttikoski (CF)

Pasi started skydiving in 1986 and since then done thousands of CRW / CF jumps. If you don’t feel confident flying in close proximity with other canopies yet, Pasi will make you love your time under the canopy! There will be plenty of CReW dogs present this year as Parasummer is one of the top events of the season for the European Canopy Formation folks.